mobile home tenant moves out and damages your home

Your Tenant Stops Paying, Moves Out, And Damages Your Mobile Home! Now What?

In this week’s discussion we are going to discuss the question, “What happens if my tenant or tenant-buyer stops paying, damages your home, and leaves without notice?” This is a question we receive often from eager prospective investors that are looking to fully understand the retaking and reselling of a used mobile home.

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mhi 008 first mobile home deals juan

MHI 008: First Mobile Home Deals With Juan Thread

Over the course of this 20-minute podcast Juan and I discuss some of our first deals and touch on just what took place. Some things should be duplicated and other things should be avoided like the plague. Over the past few years working with Juan I am happy to call him a friend and someone I know will go far in his real estate investing business.

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can a mobile home rehab repair

Mobile Home Makeover and Flip, Without The Makeover

Am I able to purchase a mobile home that needs repairs and resell the home for a profit without making any of the repairs on the home before reselling? The short answer is Yes, however let us dive deep into this question and answer to find out why this is and how value is created with regards to mobile homes.

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mobile home podcast stuart

MHI 007: Mobile Home Investing in a New State With Stuart Bateh

Stuart agreed to spend the next 17 minutes with us on this week’s mobile home lessons podcast describing his mindset and discussing what made growing his investing business profitable, safe, and super fast.

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mobile home madness1

Reasons To Contact Mobile Home Park Managers & Residents Over the Holidays

Disclaimer: This post is written with the intention of helping individual investors buying, holding, and selling individual mobile homes inside these pre-established mobile home parks. During various holiday seasons, parks may help encourage residents to partake in with one another host dinners, holiday drives, social get-togethers, and local park parties.

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the top 4 mistakes that destroy mobile home investors

The Top 4 Mistakes Of Mobile Home Rehab Flippers

The video below contains only the Top 4 mistakes investor’s make based on my experience speaking with frustrated mobile home investors and helping guide members of our Mobile Home Deal Maker Formula online training program. The video and list below are missing many other pitfalls, however this list is the top 4 for a reason and should be taken seriously throughout your investing career.

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mobile home podcast with val 006

MHI 006: Best Mobile Home Deals With Val Penna

These are not the best deals because they made us the most profit. Instead, these are some of the best mobile home deals in our portfolio because they proved to us the possibility of helping others while building our businesses and creating Win-Win deals from scratch.

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MHI podcast 005 stuart logo image

MHI 005: Horror Stories With Stuart Bateh

In the podcast episode below Stuart takes us on a journey into a past horror story during his short, but active, mobile home investing career. While the story starts one way, it ends with a completely different message. Learn from Stuart’s horror story and how you can avoid these same lessons in your own investing business.

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top 5 epic real estate fails of all time

Top 5 Real Estate EPIC Fails of All Time

While to err is human, these errors never need to happen again if we stay diligent. Strive daily to be a better investor, better spouse, better friend every day. Every seasoned (long-term successful) real estate investor has failed over and over again. It is not how you fail but how you get back up and fight with even more determination to become the success you know you can be.

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mobile home padcast ken 004

MHI 004: Ruling Your Local Market With Ken

Today on the Mobile Home Investing Lessons Podcast we have another great, content filled episode for you. We’re excited to welcome Ken Guzman, a very active and full-time mobile home investor to share his insights on a very important topic: Ruling your local market as a successful mobile home investor working inside parks and on private land.

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