MHI Lessons 20: Creating Substantial Monthly Income With Mobile Homes, Moving Homes, Working with Parks, Tips and Advice – Guests Michael & Steve

In this nearly hour-long video podcast we discuss some of Michael and Steve’s 5 mobile home cash-flow deals, transporting homes, partnerships, and the challenges of working with park managers and local handymen.

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Mobile Home Investor Q&A #7 – 200% ROI, Handyman Issues and 1st Deal Jitters

In today’s video I am super excited to interview active mobile home investor Randy from Michigan. In this 20-minute video below we dive into Randy’s new mobile home investing business. Hear what happens when “life” gets in the way of our investing. While Randy doesn’t have years of experience investing in mobile homes, he does possess the experience of working in his local trenches and successfully investing in his 1st mobile home profitably.

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Investing In Mobile Homes Out Of State

The purpose of this article is to educate you to the realistic possibilities of investing in manufactured housing outside of your comfortable driving territory. Below you will find some of the typical weekly and daily activities of an active mobile home investor. We will then discuss how these activities are affected when performed from a distance hours away.

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MHI Lesson 19: Missing Deals & Making A $13,000 Profit – Guest Roscoe

I’m very proud to welcome to the co-hosting microphone Roscoe to discuss his first mobile home deal and his experiences missing many other opportunities along the way. Roscoe is a self-starter and go-getter right out of college. Learn more about Roscoe’s mobile home investing business in the short Podcast and video below.

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mobile home collage dan 2

Mobile Home Investor Q&A #6 – Deals On Wheels, Turning $7,500 Into $35,000+ Mobile Home Investing

In this 30-minute interview we sit down with Daniel as he opens up his investing business to share what is working and not working for him. Please make sure to listen to the full interview to take away as many nuggets to implement in your own local mobile home investing business.

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mobile home inspections pic 4

Inspecting a Used Mobile Home – What to look for?

Many mobile homes need some repairs, and some mobile homes need many repairs. Repairs, material, and labor estimates are only one metric when purchasing a used mobile home — and a rather minor metric when compared to others. While recently touring a manufactured home facility, I was able to see firsthand the fairly simple construction of modern-day manufactured homes. While the engineering and safety that goes into constructing these homes is great, the few simple layers that separates the interior and exterior of the homes are relatively easy to understand and work with.

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mobile home podcast 18

MHI Lesson 18: Mobile Home Brokering and Wholesaling – Guest Dan

In today’s Mobile Home Investing Lesson Podcast episode #18, we’re talking about brokering and wholesaling mobile homes and how this applies to you and your local business. Each different purchasing-technique and/or strategy you possess to help sellers is a tool that can be used to provide options to help sellers and create value. The more “purchase techniques” you clearly understand with regards to mobile home investing the quicker your business may grow.

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3-25-2016 9-19-33 PM

Mobile Home Investor Q&A #5 – $3,000+ Per Month Cash-Flow, Brokers, Evictions and More Mobile Home Investing

In this video we talk with an active mobile home investor that intends to keep cash-flowing his properties for years and years to come. In today’s video interview we’re dissecting Brian’s mobile home renting business around Charlotte, North Carolina. Brian’s spent the past 10 months busting-his-butt finding, funding, fixing, and renting his 12 mobile homes for enough passive cash-flow to invest in real estate full-time. In this one-hour interview we sit down with Brian as he opens up his investing business to share what is working and not working in his area.

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mobile home makeover before

Mobile Home Makeover With $15,000+ Profit

Mobile home investors are attracted to this niche for several reasons; the ability to help others, creating a value in society, and to generate a substantial income when safely selling attractive mobile homes at attractive prices to hard-working buyers. However, another reason folks are attracted to this industry is the ability to take a neglected mobile home and restore it to a beautiful and pride-worthy home. This is now a mobile home that will be loved and cherished by grateful new owners.

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mobile home investing lessons podcast with guest ryan 017

MHI Lesson 17: Investing The Wrong Way & Profiting $6,900 – Guest Ryan

Although these first few mistakes were made this deal worked out great for Ryan. Working only a few hours Ryan made over $6,900 in less than 8 months. Listen to the Podcast episode below to hear the wins and losses of Ryan’s 1st mobile home deal.

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