Mobile home tenants stop paying

My Mobile Home Tenant Stopped Paying Me… Now What?

As an active mobile home investor there is very little chance that every renter or buyer you work in the future with will be 100% headache free. Prudent mobile home investors perform multiple checks on anyone and everyone over 18 years old looking to move forward in their vacant investment property for rent or for sale.

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mobile home investing ask the experts

Mobile Home Investor Q&A #1 – Real Questions, Real Advice

In today’s video, I am joined with active mobile home investor Dave Burton. Dave and his wife started investing in mobile homes roughly 2 years ago, and since then have gone on to help change the lives and add value to at least a dozen families in his home area. Dave opens up his business and shares what is working and gives advice for others to be aware of.

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mhi mistakes 33

MHI Lesson 14: Let Your Investing Mistakes Empower You To Be A Better Mobile Home Investor

The mistakes you have made and will make are your badges of honor. None of us are natural born real estate investors, so mistakes and challenges are expected and should be welcomed. In this article we will identify many common mistakes and address how to overcome them to become a better and stronger real estate investor.

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Mobile home park collage three

Structuring Win-Win Payments With Mobile Home Sellers In Parks (Video)

Close more deals and keep more cash in your pocket. Structuring win-win purchase offers when buying a seller’s used mobile home can be an ideal scenario for all parties. This article is to serve as an introduction and/or a reminder that structuring payments to mobile home sellers can be both a wonderful and quite realistic part of your mobile home investing business.

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free mobile home

Turning A Free Mobile Home Into $18,000+ (Some Do’s & Don’ts)

When evaluating a real estate investment opportunity, it is important to realize there are more conclusions than simply a “great deal” and a “horrible deal” to describe any possible money-making opportunity. In fact, most potential investment homes fall in a range between these two opposite ends of the Deal Possibility Spectrum.

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sellers and buyers misrepresent their homes

How Mobile Home Sellers Can Be Tricky? (Buyers Beware)

Below is a short list of 4 ways mobile home sellers may occasionally mislead you while you are trying to purchase their unwanted mobile home property inside a mobile home park.

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mobile home handyman

50 Tips While Working With Mobile Home Handymen And Contractors

Over the past week there were so many mistakes made in my business during the hiring and firing of a deadbeat handyman. Luckily these mistakes only cost me a small bit of time and money. These mistakes revolved around hiring a high-risk handymen who should have never been on the job to begin with. This handyman lasted only four long days before we had to let him go due to poor work performance and a bad attitude.

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mobile home investing lessons podcast with Vince C

MHI 013: Correctly Positioning Yourself While Helping Mobile Home Sellers – Guest Vince C.

Over the next 23 minutes Vince opens up his mobile home investing business, how he’s been trained to speak with sellers, and moving forward with confidence to help solve a mobile home sellers problem(s).

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buying your first mobile home park

Buying Your First Mobile Home Park

Over the coming weeks and months I plan on documenting exactly what I’m doing as much as I can. I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel below and come along this journey with me. I’m sure there will be some mistakes made, lives changed, lessons learned, and many great successes along the way.

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MHI Podcast 012

MHI Lesson 12: Errors and Wins While Selling Your MH All-Cash with Special Guest Lana

Lana then made a series of seemingly wise decisions that lead to stressful days and late nights. Lana has been awesome enough to share with us over the next 24 minutes what these mistakes were and how you can correct them in your own business.

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