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Mobile Home Makeover – Before and After Rehab Pictures

Below are 3 examples of before and after repairs made to mobile homes. These 3 examples come from active members of the Mobile Home Formula training program. These members have also taken the time to comment a few of their thoughts on each deal. What a great business to be in to restore homes and improve neighborhoods, all while creating a value for others and yourself.

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Mobile Home Skirting – A Definitive Guide To Mobile Home Skirting As An Investor

This site is intended to help anyone seeking investing advice, buying advice , or selling advice concerning mobile homes and manufactured homes. In this article we will be covering the topic of mobile home skirting as a real estate investor and not for a owner occupant living in your personal residence.

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What Mobile Home Repairs To Make Based On Exit Strategy? 3 Deals, 3 Lessons

Welcome back, I’ll admit that over the past 10+ years investing successfully in mobile homes I have become a bit of a mobile home snob. In the same way traditional real estate investors tend to turn their noses up to mobile home leads, lately I’ve have been turning my nose up to skinny-single-family-home leads. Mobile…

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Mobile Home Investing Quiz Game: How Much Do You Know?

It’s POP quiz time again. This website is designed to help bring you clarity in the career of mobile home investing and all things mobile home related. As a mobile home investor you should be knowledgeable about the M.H.I. industry. Mobile homes are unique animals compared to traditionally built homes. Likewise, factory-built-home “buyers and sellers” are different than traditional site-built home buyers and sellers.

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3 Warning Signs To Buying A Mobile Home Lemon

This article is designed to help provide the newbie mobile home investor with some foresight to notice some not-too-common red flags that you will find while investing in individual mobile homes inside of pre-existing mobile home communities.

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Mobile Homes Near You

Where To Find Mobile Homes Near You. Below is a quick common-sense grouping of most towns and cities around the country. Please keep in mind that this in no-way relates to every city or town nationwide.

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Full-Time Employee Turned Full-Time Mobile Home Investor In Under 2 Years

Ken has created the ability to invest in mobile homes full-time and quit his traditional 9-5 job. Ken has proved himself to everyone locally that he is here to help and here to stay.

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Secrets to Real Estate Investing Happiness

The tips and secrets included in 50 Simple Secrets To Be A Happy Real Estate Investor are only the most powerful and most popular secrets of happiness I have collected.

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What Type Of Real Estate Investor Should I be? (6 Step Answer)

Real estate investing in no different. Only after having a clear picture and path to take in real estate can you decide that this “is” or “is not” the right choice for you.

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Mobile Home Park For Sale? Tell me about it…

Now, it is I who needs help from you. I need your eyes and ears! If you know of any mobile home parks for sale that meet my current criteria below please email me the info at

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