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Why Vacancies Will Destroy Your Mobile Home Cash-Flow 2x Faster Than You Realize? Here’s Why…

After a few years of this revolving door constant turnover I had had enough. Where I was approving anyone before, I was now requiring all potential tenant-buyers to: Perform a few actions, and do this when they say they will. Example: Go by home to see it. Show up on time. Call you back. Apply at park. Apply with you and fax you application.

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MHI 011: Market Where Buyers Want To Be

Over the next 18 minutes Vince and I break down the where and why when it comes to marketing your mobile home for sale. Any questions or further explanation you need please comment below.

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avoid these self destuction of mobile home ibvesting business

6 Self-Sabotages In Your Mobile Home Investing Business – Avoid These

Over the past decade investing in mobile homes, I have kicked myself for passing up, delaying, and/or missing opportunities to close easy deals right in front of me. The reasons for these missed opportunities over the years is varied: procrastination, over-analyzing, losing the deal to another buyer, personal greed, the seller pulling out, cold feet, etc. There were other times I purchased a great deal but over-spent to rehab the home, therefore reducing my profit substantially.

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mhi 010 paul senior park case studies

MHI 010: Case Study In Senior Parks With Paul B

In today’s Mobile Home Investing Lessons Podcast episode I’m happy to bring you a co-hosting newbie to the microphone. Paul Brecht is here to discuss his first few mobile home deals inside senior parks. Paul shares with us his method to purchasing homes for FREE, repairing them and splitting the profits with the park.

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mobile home falicies

Mobile Home Fallacies And Other False Things You’ve Likely Learned In Grade School

What we discovered was that during our grade school years, we were all subjected to negative stigmas and perceived outlooks when it comes to mobile homes. As with many other misguided lessons we were directly taught or came to learn through osmosis in school or at home, your mobile home outlook has likely been corrupted all these years.

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mhi 009 mobile home ken real business image

MHI 009: Taking Your Mobile Home Business Seriously With Kenneth

Today on the Mobile Home Investing Lessons Podcast we have another great, content filled episode for you. We’re excited to welcome back Kenneth Guzman, active and full-time mobile home investor to share his insights on a very important topic of taking your business seriously. You own a business, not a hobby.

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mobile home tenant moves out and damages your home

Your Tenant Stops Paying, Moves Out, And Damages Your Mobile Home! Now What?

In this week’s discussion we are going to discuss the question, “What happens if my tenant or tenant-buyer stops paying, damages your home, and leaves without notice?” This is a question we receive often from eager prospective investors that are looking to fully understand the retaking and reselling of a used mobile home.

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mhi 008 first mobile home deals juan

MHI 008: First Mobile Home Deals With Juan Thread

Over the course of this 20-minute podcast Juan and I discuss some of our first deals and touch on just what took place. Some things should be duplicated and other things should be avoided like the plague. Over the past few years working with Juan I am happy to call him a friend and someone I know will go far in his real estate investing business.

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can a mobile home rehab repair

Mobile Home Makeover and Flip, Without The Makeover

Am I able to purchase a mobile home that needs repairs and resell the home for a profit without making any of the repairs on the home before reselling? The short answer is Yes, however let us dive deep into this question and answer to find out why this is and how value is created with regards to mobile homes.

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mobile home podcast stuart

MHI 007: Mobile Home Investing in a New State With Stuart Bateh

Stuart agreed to spend the next 17 minutes with us on this week’s mobile home lessons podcast describing his mindset and discussing what made growing his investing business profitable, safe, and super fast.

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