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Metal May Be The Future of Mobile Home Skirting – DMA Steel Skirting

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This guest post is all about steel mobile home skirting. This article is from the folks over at DMA Skirting. If you are not familiar with the term “skirting” with regards to a mobile home let me catch you up. Below is an image of vinyl skirting and faux stone skirting on a mobile home. Most areas require mobile homes be skirted to prevent animals nesting underneath the home and mobile home uniformity.

Before reading the article below know that the most common type of skirting is “vinyl” in construction.  Vinyl skirting is notorious for chipping and breaking, making it look ugly and less water resistant due to weed-whackers and small animals.

Summertime is once again upon us and it is the time of year to fire up the lawn mower and that trusty old string trimmer. No weed stands in the way of that trimmer, and neither does your old vinyl skirting. You know, the vinyl skirting you put on 5 years ago and is now full of holes and falling off in the back. The same skirting both of your neighbors have and their neighbors have. Well, it’s time for something different. It’s time to step up to something that doesn’t fear that string trimmer. It’s time to take down that tattered old plastic and install steel skirting, DMA Steel Skirting.

For over 35 years, DMA Skirting has been providing home owners a high quality and durable alternative to vinyl skirting. Our G40 galvanized steel skirting can withstand years of abuse caused by frequent lawn care, and when properly installed, it even creates a barrier resistant to wind and pests. Are you tired of being stuck with the plain color choices that other skirting offers? DMA galvanized steel mobile home skirting can be painted to match virtually any exterior color pallet! Plus the double-stamped rock face pattern is sure to dress up an exterior that could use a little texture.

The advantages to DMA galvanized steel mobile home skirting are clear. Our skirting is affordable, making any weekend face-lift project well within budget. Most do-it-yourselfers find it easy to install with basic hand tools. DMA steel skirting is lightweight yet durable, 100% recyclable, and versatile enough that it can be left in its natural galvanized finish or painted to match any exterior.

The above article was written and submitted by I make no profit if you use these folks or not, however I do believe them to provide a good product at competitive rates. If you need mobile home skirting give them a try.

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  • John Fedro

    Reply Reply May 24, 2012

    Hey Nick,

    Good article. What are the approx prices an owner will spend with a singlewide versus a doublewide with metal skirting?

  • DMA Skiring

    Reply Reply May 24, 2012

    That’s a good question John. Each piece of our skirting is 60″ wide by 28″ tall. The difference between a singlewide and a doublewide is only about 6 pieces. So using Lowe’s price of $12.06 a sheet, skirting for a singlewide would run about $410.00 and a doublewide would be about $483.00, all before taxes. That is assuming that 28″ would cover from the bottom of the mobile home to the ground.

    We recently went to Kearney, NE and met with the manager of Iseman Homes who told us that a typical install leaves a 30″ area to be skirted. So our skirting would leave his installer a little short, but there are cases where they have set homes that were over 6′ on the backside. You get the idea though, most homes aren’t the same height all the way around.

    Now you are going to ask me why I used Lowe’s price, or at least I assume you might. We do not sell our skirting out the back door to someone looking for a few sheets. We sell to Lowe’s and also to a large metal building products distributor who then sells to Home Depot. However, we do make acceptations to this. For example, if you were skirting 15 homes in a park before you sold it, arrangements could be made to get you the skirting in bulk.

  • John Fedro

    Reply Reply May 24, 2012

    Right on! Thanks Nick. These are very competitive prices for skirting that you won’t have to worry about. And I love that we can all go to Lowe’s to pick up your product.

    Thanks for contributing!


  • Julie Nmuberic

    Reply Reply June 5, 2012

    What is your opinion on removing the existing skirting I have if it is not too badly damaged? Is it worth it to spend the money to change the look? Thank you, JN

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply June 5, 2012

      Hi Julie,

      Unless the existing skirting panels are over 60% damaged I would say to keep the existing look you have going. So if your investment home is vacant and the skirting looks terrible with countless holes just replace the damaged skirting panels and match the color. The cost of simply improving the look of the skirting will not justify the cost to reskirt the home if it is not needed.

      TIP: If only a few panels are ugly in the front of the home, switch the damaged panels to areas where there is less public traffic and move nice panels to the front of the home.


  • Sandy Engel

    Reply Reply July 28, 2013

    I have a 14 x 70 mobile home and currently have vinyl skirting. I live in a wooded area where there are a lot of racoons. I was interested in how much skirting I would need to skirt my home? The vinyl is susceptible to the racoons tearing at it and building nests in my insulation under the home. Is there a track that can be used on the bottom of the skirting to hold it in place?

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply July 28, 2013

      Hi Sandy,

      Thanks for reaching out on this matter. Please see my thoughts and answers below to your questions.

      Q: I have a 14 x 70 mobile home and currently have vinyl skirting. I live in a wooded area where there are a lot of raccoons. I was interested in how much skirting I would need to skirt my home?

      A: Skirting typically is sold in 12 foot long pieces that you or your handyman will have to custom cut to fit your home. When you cut the 12 foot long pieces of skirting you will do so and install the skirting vertically (like a skyscraper) between the bottom of the mobile home and the surface of the ground. I mention this to you because depending on how many inches this distance is will determine how many 12 ft skirting panels you will need to work with.

      Example: If the distance between the bottom of the mh and the round is 36 inches you will need to custom cut the 12 foot panels to fit the 36 inch gap , plus you will need enough 12 foot sections to install around the home. This can become just a little tricky to estimate especially if you home is on a hill and the heights vary around the home.

      Q: The vinyl is susceptible to the raccoon tearing at it and building nests in my insulation under the home. Is there a track that can be used on the bottom of the skirting to hold it in place?

      A: Yes, there is a piece known as a “bottom track” that is driven into the ground with long nails that hold the skirting in place and attached to the ground. Another fix would be to remove your current skirting and install chicken wire behind the skirting. This will give an extra layer of protection to your current skirting. I advise the use of chicken wire to save money, but only if the current siding is still salvageable. Make sure the chicken wire is not showing from the front.

      You have a nice big home. Brand new vinyl skirting should run you $500-$800 for the material, without labor. This should only take 1 day or less to install on your home.

      Hope this helps and makes sense. If not let me know and we’ll get you squared away in no time.

      John Fedro

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