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Mobile Home Formula Review

Welcome back,

If you are one of the many recent readers who have taken the time to emailed me looking for more information about the Mobile Home Formula, my online mobile home investing training platform, then first I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest and the possible future trust you are considering placing in me. This trust and opportunity to teach you is not something I take lightly. It is my goal to shortcut your success and help you avoid the mistakes I have made throughout my decade long carer. Please see an updated list of a few successful members using the Mobile Home Formula.

Mobile Home Formula Review

Below is a quick video tour for you concerning the Mobile Home Formula.

  • Module 1

  • Module 1 Overview
  • The Three M’s
  • Mobile Home History
  • Singles, Doubles, and Triples
  • Four Levels of Learning
  • Interior Walk Through
  • Exterior 101
  • Common Community Restrictions
  • Lack of Traditional Financing for Qualified Buyers
  • Identification
  • Natural Disasters
  • Mobile Home Title(s) and MCOs
  • Statements of Ownership and Location
  • Start Building Your Buyers List (Become a Local Expert) & Alternative Methods
  • Pre-Screening Buyers Automatically
  • Lead Magnets: An Introduction
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Raising Investment Capital
  • Lead Magnet: (3 Minute Leads)
  • The Ultimate Business Card Template
  • Know Your Target Parks
  • Action Assignments Module 1
  • While Driving Only Stop to Meet Park Managers If…
  • Module 2

  • How We May Choose to Make Money When We Sell
  • 4 Irrefutable Traits of a Successful Investor
  • 3 types/Stages of Sellers
  • How Others See You
  • Power Position
  • Game Plan
  • Rating Each Community
  • Rating Each Home
  • First OUTBOUND Call to a Seller – Dissected
  • Using Your Questionnaire
  • First Call Q&A
  • Emails to Non-Appointment Sellers
  • Lead Magnets (Set 1)
  • A Case of the Too Desperate Seller
  • How to Transfer Title in My County – Test Run
  • Misc Info and Landlord/Tenant Laws
  • Action Assignments Module 2
  • Module 3

  • Module 3 Game Plan
  • Meeting the Park Manager – Warm
  • Meeting the Sellers
  • Checklists and Repair Cheat Sheet
  • How Much Can You Resell this Home for?
  • Create 3 Purchase Offers Per Home
  • Present Offers to Sellers
  • Live Examples: Making Your First 3 Offers to Each Seller
  • Partnership Purchase Offer in Parks (For Most FSBO with High Monthly Fees)
  • Make This Offer to Every Seller Asking Over $20,000 (Only if you went to an appointment with this seller)
  • Negotiation Examples
  • Help Remembering When to Follow-up with Past Sellers
  • Applying at the Park
  • Verifying (Personal Property) Taxes Have Been Paid
  • Purchase Forms: Mobile Homes in Parks
  • ALL STATES Closing & After Closing Procedure
  • Personal Property Trusts (+ Forms Needed to Sell)
  • California Title Transfer (Before and After Closing Specifics)
  • Texas Only – Pre-Closing Procedure
  • Texas Only – Purchase Forms, Closing, and Post Closing Procedure
  • Vermont Title Transfer: Before, During, and After Closing
  • New Hampshire: Before, During, and After Closing Procedure
  • West Virginia: Before, During, and After Closing Procedure
  • Case of the Unhappy Lien Holder
  • Action Assignments Module 3
  • Module 4

  • Module 4 Overview
  • What Repairs to Make
  • Repair Examples
  • Your Ideal Buyers
  • Clean and Market the Home for Sale
  • Marketing the Home – Blitz
  • Automated Selling Funnel in Parks
  • Background Check
  • Property Insurance Once Sold
  • Approved Approved! Set up Closing Time
  • 4 Ways to Make Profit
  • Selling Cash-Flow #1. Core Selling Paperwork
  • Selling Cash-Flow #2. Selling Addendums
  • Selling Cash-Flow #3. Buyer;s Repair Agreement
  • Closing at the Mobile Home (Selling)
  • New Hampshire: Selling a Mobile Home in a Park [Cash or Payments]
  • Collecting Payments
  • Management 1 and 2
  • Transporting a Mobile Home
  • When Your Buyer Completes All Payments to You
  • Module 5

  • Module 5 Overview
  • Manufactured Homes on Land 101
  • Familiarize Yourself With Your Farm Area
  • Lead Magnets (Set 2)
  • “Mail Merge” Time Saver for Mailing Letters
  • Become an Expert in Your Area for Mobile Home Buyers (for Land)
  • Action Assignments Module 5
  • Module 6

  • Module 6 Overview
  • Know Your Exit Strategy
  • First Phone Call To and From Sellers (2 videos)
  • How to Estimate “After Repaired Value” (Finding Comps)
  • Subject To (Intro)
  • Land Trust Agreements
  • 8 Steps of a Successful Subject to Deal (Birds-Eye)
  • Important Mortgage details and “The Due on Sale Clause”
  • Verify Mortgage Info and Property Taxes
  • Action Assignments Module 6
  • Module 7

  • Module 7 Overview
  • First Meting with the Seller
  • Checklists and Repair Cheat Sheet
  • Creating Your All Cash Offers
  • Creating Your Payment Plan Offers
  • Word Problem
  • Present Crafted Offers to Sellers
  • Second Meeting with the Seller
  • Follow Up Campaign
  • Closing Procedure When Buying with Land
  • Wholesaling Mobile Homes on Private Land
  • Intro to Closing Documents
  • Lead Magnets (Set 3)
  • Action Assignments Module 7
  • Module 8

  • Module 8 Overview
  • Creating Your Closing Paperwork (Buying with Payments)
  • Creating Your Closing Paperwork (Buying with Cash)
  • Closing Procedure
  • Marketing the Home – Blitz
  • Finding Sellers- Additional Magnets that Get Results (Set 4)
  • Action Assignments Module 8
  • Module 9

  • Module 9 Overview
  • Selling Strategy on Land
  • Selling Price and Terms
  • The Automated Selling Process on Land
  • What Repairs to Make
  • Repair Examples
  • Buyers Objections and Concessions
  • Your Ideal Buyers
  • Collecting Payments
  • Background Check
  • Selling the Property for All Cash
  • Creating Paperwork and Signing (Selling with Payments)
  • Taxes and Insurance on Land
  • Management on Land
  • Closing on the Property (After 24 Months of Payments)
  • Bonus

  • Lease with Option to Purchase when Selling in MH Park
  • Wholesaling Mobile Homes Inside Parks
  • MAO in Parks = Maximum Allowable Offer
  • Subject 4 Purchase Technique on Land
  • 1031 Exchange Introduction and FAQ
  • Marketing Tools for Finding Sellers
  • Unlimited Email Coaching

  • Access to Future Classes
  • Past VIP Group Coaching Calls and Lessons

For more information click the “Training” Tab above. Whether you get started in mobile home investing with my help, someone else’s help, or through your own “school of hard knocks” I wish you the best of success. You can succeed as long as you never give up. Always give daily action and do not be afraid to ask for help. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to ask for help.

Love what you do daily,
John Fedro



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  • Lynn

    Reply Reply May 4, 2012

    Hi John, It is terrific you made this video for everyone. no surprise though :) I would like to take a moment to express how helpful John has been to myself and my husband as we take our first steps in to mobile home investing. As a current member of the MHDMF I can attest that what you see above is what you get!
    Janet Lynn

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply May 5, 2012

      WHOOOOAAA!!! Look who it is! :) Hey Lynn, thanks for he plug. Glad t see you can take time from investing in deals to check out the blog. Make sure to add yourself to the facebook friends. Next Tuesday we have a VIP coaching call you must be on. TTYL, John

  • Doug Stevenson

    Reply Reply May 17, 2012

    Hi John,

    My wife and I recently signed up for your program and we are just loving it. I have already found 14 local parks I want to invest at. I am making my way through Module 1 now and will be emailing over my action results later today.

    Doug and Janet

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply May 21, 2012

      Hi Doug and Janet,

      Glad to see you’re both getting started. Send over the material from mod 1 and well get started together. Now that you are enrolled stick to the course and the order taught to you. Do not get side tracked with my blog side topics. Enjoy! And lets make some money!


  • Walter S

    Reply Reply November 12, 2013

    My partner and i get pleasure from your articles. I recently found just what exactly I’m looking for in a mh and used your formula to purchase the deal. You may have concluded this via my emails to you. Thank Goodness we found you and you are wiling to help us so thoroughally. Laters, Walter and Mark

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply November 12, 2013

      Hi Walter and Mark,

      Thank you both for your kind words. You both did a wonderful job moving forward and following the directions that were given to you. Now you have a beautiful mobile home that will last you for years. Keep in touch for all your future deals as you have with this one and I have no doubt that you both will succeed in helping others and helping yourselves.

      All the best and talk soon,

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