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Mobile Home Kool Seal

Welcome back,

The summer weather is hot! From Miami to Seattle here is a word you should memorize, Kool-Seal. Kool-Seal brand products have been around for the past 90 plus years. Their main product is used for protecting and sealing tin and metal mobile home roofs. The product is called White Elastomeric Roof Coating. This rubber-based white roof coating comes in 5-gallon buckets you can pick up from Lowes Hardware or order directly from the Kool Seal website.

In fact I so rarely use any other products from the Kool-Seal brand that I refer to process of painting the white elastomeric roof coating a roof top of a mobile home as “kool-sealing a roof”.

A few of the Kool-Seal roof coating benefits:

  1. Lower costs on your buyer’s electric bill: Reflects heat from the sun.
  2. Protect roof from small falling debris: Rubber seals minor dents and pin holes in the roof. 
  3. Reduce the home’s interior heat: Small amount of insulation to keep in hot or cool air of mobile home interior.
  4. Reduce stress on the air conditioning unit by working less: Lower electric bills
  5. Adding curb appeal to the home: The clean white look is noticeable right away. 

Whether you are planning on renting your investment mobile home or selling the home for all cash I highly recommend picking up a 5 gallon bucket of this roof coating and having it applied during the warm months.

  1. If the mobile home is vacant instruct your handyman to safely paint and roll the roof coating evenly throughout the entire roof.
  2. If the home is already in the process of being sold for monthly payments I would advise you to surprise your tenant-buyers with a free gift. This will help to maintain your investment should you receive the mobile home back in the future. I have given this “free gift” to my tenant-buyers and instruct them to apply the roof coating within 2 weeks or the gift is not free.

Some hints that may be helpful:   

  • Pressure wash and dry the roof prior to applying the rubber coating.
  • You may typically only need 1 5-gallon bucket for a single wide mobile home.
  • You may typically need 2 5-gallon buckets for a double-wide mobile home.
  • Apply roof coat every 12 months in areas with heavy sun exposure.

Love what you do daily,
John Fedro



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  • Kim Rhodes

    Reply Reply May 21, 2012

    Hey J, Kool seal is the shit!! I use it often to help with cooling help and it makes the home look bad ass too. Good idea about the free gift.


    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply May 24, 2012

      Lol! Thanks for the shoot-out Kim.


  • Shawna Walters

    Reply Reply June 26, 2013

    Used this on my mobile home roof to help with the heat during the summer. Applied 2 coats. Did not make any difference in keeping it cooler. Brand new 3 ton a/c unit still running all day. Did stop the leaks but disapointed that it did not help with inside temperature.

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply June 28, 2013

      Hi Shawna,

      Mobile homes can get hot during the summertime for sure. I as surprised that you had less than cooling results. When I go into a new investment mobile home cool-sealing the roof is one of the first things I do. Not only does it help with the inside temp (in many cases), it fills minor holes and gaps, and it makes the exterior look more visually appealing to buyers. I hope you like the nice white color.


  • Rich

    Reply Reply September 24, 2013

    Several Questions:

    Can you tint Kool Seal to a GREY color ?

    What do you use to tint it ?

    Where can I get Kool Seal in San Antonio Texas ?

    I want to pressure spray and bleach the roof of my doublewide …. is the bleach OK to use ?

    how long will 1 application last for in South Texas ?


    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply September 26, 2013

      Hi Rich,

      Happy to help! Please see my comments below to your questions.

      Q: Can you tint Kool Seal to a GREY color ?
      A: Yes, they will mix it to match any color simply like paint. Good question.

      Q: What do you use to tint it?
      A: They professionals at Home Depot or Lowes will do it for you.

      Q: Where can I get Kool Seal in San Antonio Texas ?
      A: A little place you may have heard of called Home Depot or Lowes. :)

      Q: I want to pressure spray and bleach the roof of my doublewide …. is the bleach OK to use ?
      A: Bleach is a very good idea. You can add a small amount of bleach to your pressure sprayer. Pressure wash before applying the Kool Seal obviously.

      Q: how long will 1 application last for in South Texas ?
      A: Do this yearly. Or have your new Tenant-buyers (if selling) do this yearly.

      All the best,
      John Fedro

  • Barry Feeney

    Reply Reply November 2, 2013

    I was told I could only cover about 450 sq. ft. per 5 gal. drum. I have to cover some 900
    sq. ft. of my single wide mobile home (60 ft. X 15 ft.) You say I can, indeed, spread a 5 gal.
    drum to cover my trailer. (900 sq. ft.). Is this true? I would sure like to hear a “yes”, her, as
    I have been putting it off because of cost. Please reply. Thank You

    Barry Feeney

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply November 3, 2013

      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for reaching out to me on this matter. Kool seal or any paint-like material will spread like your are painting an interior wall. Indeed you can paint an entire 60x15ft mobile home roof with a 5 gallon bucket of kool-seal however it will not be as effective as 2 or more buckets. When painting the interior of a home the more paint you use and the more coats the better the look, up to a certain point. Likewise, if there are many pin holes in the roof and/or the roof has not been kool-sealed in a few years then I would use 2 drums for sure.

      Hope this helps. The cost will pay for itself over the year with heat insulation and protection.

      Talk soon,
      John Fedro

  • Roma Xanual

    Reply Reply January 2, 2014

    Love the site and great content John! Keep it up. I am now looking into this Mobile home investing business with serious consideration.

    All the best,

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply January 2, 2014

      Thank you Roma.

      Do not hesitate to comment on anything further or ask questions along the way.

      Here to help,
      John Fedro

  • Monique Striffer

    Reply Reply January 22, 2014

    Heya John,

    Great guide and product. I started using this 2 years ago on my mobile home and it cut my power bill like you said, stops little leaks, and looks good to boot.

    Love the site and what you do for us,

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply January 23, 2014

      Hi Monique,

      Thank you for commenting and for your kind words. Right on! I am glad to hear you’re using this and it is working for you. I consider it very very inexpensive preventative maintenance for your roof and your investment. The Cool Seal brand has other products to fill in bigger holes in your roof should you ever need it.

      Talk soon,

  • carrie

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    I live in a triple wide which is 1908 sq ft. I currently have shingles and live in a high wind area which blows the shingles off weekly. My question is how many buckets will I need to complete the whole roof and can I just roll it on top of the shingles? Thank you

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply March 31, 2014

      Hi Carrie,

      Your home sounds huge. I regret to hear about the singles blowing off so much. You may want to have them nailed down again. You could use 2, possibly 3 5 gallons buckets of cool seal to cover the roof however I would advise against this. Shingles covered by cool seal don’t look good. They look painted and odd. That is my advice though, if you paint some on a small test area of your roof you can tell. Also, this will not solve as a roof covering in place of the missing shingles.

      Hope this helps.

  • Caleb

    Reply Reply May 8, 2014

    Hey john how are you? I used to help build houses but never kool sealed an my mothers land lord has asked me to do it I do know how to do it but have no idea on how much I should set the price for doing it? Any advice? I sure hope so

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply May 8, 2014

      Hi Caleb,

      Thanks for reaching out to us on this issue. A 5 gallon bucket of Kool seal will cover a double wide mobile home (approx 1200sqft of roof) and will cost you about $100 plus paint roller and time. The process is rather easy and should take less than half a day to complete. Be careful on top of any roof and don’t hesitate to send us a picture of the home once completed. I hope this helps. If you would like any more specific questions answered that I may have missed please don’t hesitate to comment back.

      All the best,
      John Fedro

  • amber

    Reply Reply December 30, 2014

    What time of the year is the best time to apply kool seal

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply January 3, 2015

      Hi Amber,

      The 2 thoughts that come to mind are 1.) if your local hardware store is running a special discount on the product then purchase then and 2.) during the dry season in your state when there is now snow or rain.

      In short there is no best time if the year besides to avoid the rain and allow a full day to dry. I hope this helps some.

      John Fedro

  • Richard

    Reply Reply March 18, 2015

    Will this stuff seal a leak where my extension meets the trailer

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply March 19, 2015

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for reaching out. No, not likely. You wil need a thicker material most likely. Kool Seal helps with pin hole leaks and cracks but nothing serious. In the same aisle at Home Depot where you find the Kool Seal you will also find a another 5 gallon bucket of thicker spreadable tar or synthetic liquid-like rubber material to fill in for wider cracks, gaps, and holes. Bottom line is that there is a product for just your leak. Ask the professional that is working at the hardware store for sure.

      John Fedro


    Reply Reply April 5, 2015

    i’m getting ready to have my metal roof of my mobile home sealed with koool seal, but there are some rust spots. what needs to be done before the roof is coated?

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply April 9, 2015

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for reaching out concerning this issue. If there is any rust on your roof you will want to grind the rust down with a grinder, and then apply a rust inhibitor. Allow the rust inhibitor to dry then your kool seal can be applied worry free. I hope this helps and makes sense. The process is much easier than it sounds and a small battery power grinder will remove layered rust spots in a matter of minutes. If you have any follow-up questions don’t hesitate to reach back out.

      All the best,

  • Mary A Miller

    Reply Reply April 11, 2015

    Dear John,
    Our roof needs to be cleaned (seems to have algae according to one business, and another suggested just ‘wire brushing it off’ the moss that seems to be there. We’ve just moved in. The front was pressure washed but not the rear of the double wide mobile home. Now, do we need to reseal the roof each and every time it is washed? This would be helpful to know before we get it done, thanks!!


    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply April 11, 2015

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for reaching out concerning this issue. First of all, congratulations on the new home and move in! I am glad you have some local professionals to advise you how to clean and remove the algae. Concerning the kool seal question, in most states applying the kool seal once a year is sufficient. In states with harsh weather and extreme climates two times a year is suggested. I hope this helps and makes sense. If you have any follow-up questions don’t hesitate to reach back out.

      All the best,

  • Willie

    Reply Reply April 29, 2015

    Can I apply the white kool seal (tinted red) over the silver? How many coats do you think it would take to cover the silver?

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply May 1, 2015

      Hi Willie,

      Yes, I have personally used kool seal to cover metal roofs. You want to use a medium thickness when you spread the Kool seal over the roof. If you have a single wide mobile home you should be able to get away with one 5 gallon bucket of Kool seal. If you have any follow-up questions don’t hesitate to reach back out.

      Talk soon,

  • Bob

    Reply Reply May 8, 2015

    I have a rubber roof on my houseboat that does not leak but just needs a coat of something to make it look better. I think the roof is EPDM and we walk on it a lot and have furniture etc. on it. Do you think the Kool Seal will work?

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply May 11, 2015

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for commenting concerning this issue. I was not sure the answer to your question however I did a bit of research and found this site answering the questions.

      It seems that regular kool seal, with it’s petroleum base will cause your rubber roof to swell and cause a problem. The answer on this forum is to use the “RV Kool Seal” and not the regular “Kool seal”.

      I hope this helps. After you use it please let us know how it works out for you.

      Talk soon,

  • Barbara Mills

    Reply Reply June 7, 2015

    Just put my first coat on my fiberglass van roof, how many hours before applying the second coat? The bucket only says it dries in 6 hours.

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply June 7, 2015

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for reaching out and commenting with your question. Definitely make sure that all your first coats are dry before applying a second or third coat. If the bucket says allow six hours to dry than for sure allows six hours for the first coat to completely dry before putting on the next one. I am sure the van’s roof is going to look great after these coats.

      Talk soon,

  • Robyn

    Reply Reply June 21, 2015

    Hello John,
    I see everyone asking about mobile homes, we need something for a flat roof. Also, can it be used on the back of the house that is shingles?

    Thank you,

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply June 22, 2015

      Hi Robyn,

      Thank you for reaching out concerning your issue. For a home with shingle roofs you do not want to use the white kool seal product. I would highly suggest you head to your local home improvement store; make sure to let the store employees know your situation and asked them what they have specifically sell for shingle roofs. I hope this helps and points you in the right direction to fix your roof issues correctly.

      Talk soon,

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