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Reviews of John Fedro and the Mobile Home Formula Training

Mobile Home Formula is clear and simple to use, and your advice was invaluable. Your caring for your students and passion for your program is unparalleled with al the real estate courses we have seen. Words cannot express the deep gratitude we have for you!
So, many many many thanks to you for sharing and being so accessible…and genuine.
As a college student trying to get into real estate investing, I personally recommended John Fedro’s mobile home books to educate yourself and take action every day. This is the perfect strategy for someone who has little to no money who is looking to get positive cash flow…
Peter HaymondWashington
Bought a 2/1 for $2500 all in on Dec 23 and sold on Dec 27 for $1250 up front and $300/mth for 48 months (Lot rent is $650/mth) Ready to live in.
I am now through the 1st module and I am impressed with the step by step process on how to start the mobile home investing. What to do, what not to do and what to expect. For example, each time I look at a mobile home I can tell when it was built and what inside structure will be like.
I really appreciate that you give your time and energy to this and the passion you have for helping people get into this industry.
Phi NguyenNew Jersey