Selling a MHP?

Know of a Mobile Home Park for sale? Please tell us about it…


We are an active group of hard-working mobile home park investors with capital to close quickly and the experience to take on most projects. We are currently looking for mobile home communities to invest in nationwide. We are a family of investors looking for your help in finding our next community.

We welcome owners, brokers and leads from other individuals.

We have the capital and financing to do a cash purchase, traditional or seller financing. In some circumstances we will consider master leasing with an option to purchase. We are open to all types of deal structures.

Our preferences are:


  • 20-200 mobile home pads
  • Any # of park-owned homes
  • Turnaround projects and high vacancy properties welcome
  • Current utility and/or infrastructure problems welcome
  • Management problems welcome

  • Referral Fees: Up to 10% or Partnership
  • Terms: Cash, Lease/Option, Land Contract, and/or Owner Financing
  • Price: +/- $2M

Next Step: Please email us about the Park?

Your time is valuable and we will not waste it. Every email is answered personally and you will hear back from us within 48 hours. If your park meets our criteria then we want to make you a purchase offer to buy your park. Keep in touch.

Talk soon,
John Fedro