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I’m John. I’m a 34 year old guy from Central Florida, now living in Texas, who makes a living with used mobile homes. I consider myself one of the most fortunate people on Earth.

I’m not a millionaire and I don’t drive a fancy car. What I do have is a great family, a close circle of friends, happy customers, and a line of work that allows me to spend most of my time with them and perusing my personal goals.

My Story

Prior to 2002 I had multiple medial jobs. I can say I have never had an “official” career as I only have limited formal education and have never had a corporate job. What I did have, and continue to have is a burning idea and desire that I can make more income on my own than with a boss. The only trouble I was having at the time was finding what truly fired me up.

Up to this point in my life I was only thinking about college, my car, my girlfriend, and working-for-the-weekend. Real estate was not my first try at my own business. Before I jumped head-first into real estate I tried a multi-level marketing business (MLM) that I liked very much, but made me no money. The reason I can clearly see now was because I did not believe in the products I was selling.

It wasn’t until I stumbled onto one of my college roommate’s “Real Estate How-To Book” that my eyes were opened to the huge profits found with real estate. Up to this point I believed that trading time for a paycheck was the only way to make a good living. From the first glance I totally saw myself buying, fixing, renting, and selling houses – and loving it. I could see it as if it had already happened.

At this point in my life I didn’t even understand what a Deed was, or how real estate was bought and sold. I was truly a newbie and needed all help I could find.

Click here to read my full story, including how I got started and how I earned my first dollar.

So why MobileHomeInvesting.net?

With this blog I want to be as transparent as possible. The reason I started investing in mobile homes is because I simply gave up on traditional site built homes when I discovered how affordable, reliable, and plentiful motivated mobile homes truly are.

Sadly for the first few months of my mobile home investing business I was too embarrassed to tell my friends or other investors just what I was doing. I was so embarrassed to be called a “Mobile Home Investor” that I would lie to people about what I was doing.  I look back then and think how foolish I was to be embarrassed about making good money and providing good homes to hard-working folks.

This blog is to help you learn from my experiences – both my wins and my loses – so that you may achieve your goals with the least amount of confusion. If you’re not currently doing business with mobile homes but thinking about it, you can see what it’s like, see what’s involved and make decisions about getting started without the false claims or hype.

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And finally, please read this carefully:

I don’t consider myself a real estate guru, my techniques have come from years of hard work and a determination to not give up.

Earning any type of income with real estate takes a lot of hard work, a lot of patience and a little bit of luck too. I know I have an inspiring story and I am here to help inspire you too, however I want to do it the right way. I speak only from my own experiences and the experiences of the students I have help teach. I am available to be reached at the email below and am always happy to help anyone who requires assistance – just ask 🙂


Love what you do daily,
John Fedro

Also follow me at my personal travel and fun website Johnfedro.com


  • Dale Taylor

    Reply Reply April 8, 2013

    Hi John,

    Keep doing just what you are doing man!! You are an inspiration to my family and me with how you communicate and treat your fans. You are the real deal and indeed are very inspiring to us all here. By the way what MLM were you in? I have been in my fair share too with less than stellar results. I agree that real estate investing is the way to go, the profit margins in most cases are simply unbeatable.


    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply April 12, 2013

      Hi Dale,

      Thanks for the awesome comment! This is the reason I spend time doing this. 🙂


      • Mel Kildmo

        Reply Reply December 30, 2016

        Hey John. Great story. I also like your personal blog a lot. Thanks for all of this. Your tremendous help and influence and resource for many people. Keep up the good work.

        • John Fedro

          Reply Reply January 3, 2017

          Hi Mel,

          Thank you so much for the kind words. Moving forward if you ever have any real estate related questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out any time.

          Talk soon,


    Reply Reply May 26, 2013




    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply May 27, 2013

      Hi Al,

      Thank you for your kind words. When I finally stumbled upon the mobile home niche I was so happy to be talking to motivated sellers that had little to no contact with other investors that my efforts and energy did not seem like work. The truth is this business does take time, effort, and daily energy to stay busy with 1 or multiple deals per month.

      Concerning where to start I should mention to be clear on your immediate and long term goals for your time and your limited investment money. Do you want predictable long term cash flow? or big paydays? or both? How much risk are you willing to take? How much time do you have? Tax liens, tax sales, wholesaling, buy and hold, mobile homes… they all make profit, all require work, and will all lead to different outcomes.

      I hope this site helps educate and inform you on the subject of mobile home investments. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask.


  • Jeff Miller

    Reply Reply June 8, 2013

    Hi John,

    I came across the Bigger Pockets website today for the first time and I saw your post about mobile homes in the Denver area. I’m interested in what you have. Wednesday of this week, I ran across some excerpts from one of Lonnie Scruggs books. I ordered his book, it hasn’t arrived yet. I had never thought about investing in mobile homes and I’m really intrigued by the concepts. We have a single family and a townhome in our investment portfolio today. We’ve owned these properties for eight years. We are just now looking to expand our real estate investing. My wife and I purchased and lived in a mobile home our first year of marriage. It was a great place for us to start. We liked the idea of owning something as opposed to renting. I see you are in Austin. My wife was born and raised in Austin. We lived in Austin for sixteen years. We are now in Colorado Springs, CO. We miss all the great food that Austin has to offer. I’m going to look over your site in the next day or two.


    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply June 10, 2013

      Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for the kind words about my site. Austin is great isn’t it. I came here 3 years ago on a whim and decided to stay. The music and food are both amazing. I would love to be closer to the mountains every now and again though. I have heard great things about Colorado Springs and drove through last year after speaking at the Biggerpockets REI summit.

      Lonnie’s material is classic and will help get you started on your journey and answer many of your questions about MHI. If you have any specific comments or questions on the subject don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m here to help.

      John Fedro

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply June 10, 2013

      Hi Jeff,

      I see I forgot to address your question about leads in CO. I will email you about the leads in Denver rather than comment here.

      John Fedro

  • Dimitri

    Reply Reply November 6, 2013

    Hi john, I’m a new real estate investor and I put bandit signs on the streets and I got a lead for a mobile home. The owner owes ten thousand dollars and she is asking for ninety five thousand dollars. The house is worth one hundred thirty thousand dollars and is in a move-in condition with a fenced big yard and a driveway for six cars and is built in 2000. The reason she wants to move is to go some place warm and she hates the cold because we live in Massachusetts. She is disabled and she wants some cash to have in the bank. How do I structure the contract and what is the formula to negotiate the deal? I need your help please A S A P. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply November 7, 2013

      Hi Dimitri,

      Well done on taking the initiative to start marketing! I will base the rest of my response on the assumption that this home is attached to real property. If it is not then pass.

      Depending on the seller motivation and you ability to paint a clear picture in the seller’s mind of how you can help perhaps the seller will extend a combination of purchasing the home subject to the underlying mortgage, plus seller held financing, plus a small amount of cash at closing. Or perhaps an option on the property is better suited if you can find a buyer to qualify for FHA or conventional MH lending. Are you familiar with all of these methods and how to present them to the seller in a clear manner?

      If the seller only wants cash I would pass on the deal unless you can get it under contact for less than $65k. How recent and comparable are comps? How did you come to find these comps on price?

      Hope this helps. Please let me know any feedback or followup question you now have.

      Talk soon,
      John Fedro

  • Sam Clarkson

    Reply Reply November 28, 2013

    Congratulations on all your success John. You have worked hard to accomplish all of this. You are an inspiration to myself and my wife. We look forward to working and learning from you. Well done sir!


    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply November 29, 2013

      Hi Sam,

      Thank you for your kind words. All the work, struggles, and successes have been worth it. Big time! 🙂

      I am always here to help you and your wife with anything I can with regards to MH investing. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, and/or comments.

      Talk soon,
      John Fedro

  • Cristina Pastrana

    Reply Reply January 19, 2014

    please call me asap I need sell my manufactured home. Its very nice . located in Tampa.

    813-[blocked by admin].

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply January 20, 2014

      Hi Cristina,

      I will aim to reach out to you later today.

      Talk soon,

  • Eliceo Suarez

    Reply Reply January 23, 2014

    Hi john I really like what you doing for living but what I like the best is the way you do it. My name is Eliceo Suarez I am writing you from New York City it’s being about two weeks that I started reading about you. you really got me into invest in real state New York is totally different to some other states in other words too spence to invest wha would the first step for me to start investing?

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply January 23, 2014

      Hi Eliceo,

      Thanks for reading and for your kind words. The business of helping others and creating a real value in your local market has been very rewarding to me and others I am helping. This business does not fall from the sky and does take daily effort and focus however I think you already know that. With that said it has been very worth it for me and I am so glad I can provide you value to your investing business.

      Concerning your area of NYC there are few mobile homes in your city. This is likely because the cost of land is too high to support this affordable housing niche. You will have to drive north or to NJ to find mobile homes on private land and mobile home communities that are within our price ranges for lot rents and homes for sale. Once these markets are found in your area it is important to understand these markets and know what buyers will pay for used mobile homes monthly and for all cash. Next is to begin making a name for yourself in these areas and setting appointments to make offers and close on properties. This is of course a very broad view with many moving parts however it should give you more insights to moving forward. You can sing up for an upcoming webinar by clicking the training tab above and seeking more info on how we do business specifically.

      Hope this helps and makes sense.

      Talk soon,

  • Jenna

    Reply Reply June 5, 2014

    Hi John,

    This article is great. I love how open and transparent you are with your readers. Can’t wait to learn more from you.

    Thanx Jenna

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply June 9, 2014

      Hi Jenna,

      Thanks for commenting. Any questions you have don’t hesitate to let me know.

      All the best,

  • Lyssa Gooch

    Reply Reply June 30, 2014

    I followed some of your tips and put an offer on a mobile home in a park, but I ran into an obstacle. The manager of the park is also the agent for some of the folks selling their mobile homes. She refused to even forward my offer to the homeowner because part of my offer included a contract on an amount I would not be able to put down in cash, but I was offering a significant portion in cash. I had written up a really nice offer and sales agreement covering all the bases – heck I used to be a a paralegal so I thought I could do this without an agent of my own – but this manager/agent refused to even look at it, said they do their own forms if people want to make an offer and offers only accepted in cash for the homes they represent in the park.

    Seems to me there is something unethical about this – isn’t an agent, any agent, required to submit all offers to the homeowner? She said to me that they don’t allow contracts because it would be like subletting, but that doesn’t make sense – the lot rent would be my responsibility regardless of whether I hold title or a bank holds title or an owner holds title until contract is paid. Have you ever run into this before?
    We recently sold our house and were hoping ot get into a 55+ mobile home community, but now I just feel foolish for all the time I spent putting this offer together only to be turned down in less than five minutes. (And I was really turned off by this woman’s demeanor – makes me wonder why I would want to live in a park managed by her anyway). But, that’s neither here nor there.
    I am not an investor so I guess I’m wasting your time. I just wanted to let you know I read your tips on what forms you need and things to cover in a purchase and I felt it was educational. But, I guess I better get a realtor to navigate this landscape.

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply July 1, 2014

      Hi Lyssa,

      Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to comment in response. First of all you are right to be a little upset and turned off by this park manager and her action. With that said let me say that you likely dodged a bullet by owning a mobile home in a park with this quality and authoritative-type of management.

      You are correct in your description of a Realtor’s fiduciary duty to the seller to present any and all offers to the seller. However it is very likely that this park manager is no licensed Realtor, at most she is likely an agent that is working under a licensed Realtor, however I doubt even that. The park manager wants a cash sale because it is easy and everyone gets paid their money, including the park manager’s fee. You are also correct in that selling a mobile home and including a lien on the title is completely different than subletting.

      In short, it sounds like this manager is playing by her rules and her rules only.

      My thoughts for you moving forward is as follows:

      1. If the mobile home is actually listed on your local MLS Realtor listing service then hiring a Realtor to make the offer will be effective.

      2. If the home is not listed on the MLS than approaching the seller directly and transferring ownership behind the managers back will only go to anger them in the future. Additionally most parks wish for approval before you purchase.

      3. If you hire a Realtor and the mobile home is not on the MLS you will be the one paying for the Realtor fee. (Typically it is the seller who pays both Realtor fees however because this mobile home may not be represented then you will have to pay your Realtor for his or her service.)

      4. You can choose to find another park that does wish to help both their owner/residents and new potential residents in any way they can to facilitate a sale and treat you with respect. This would be my choice if I were you.

      Either way I know you’re going to find a place you love and a park you love just a much.

      Keep in touch and talk soon,
      John Fedro

  • Shevaughn Rawlins

    Reply Reply July 23, 2014

    Hey John, thank you for the inspirational story!! I am a new investor working hard each day to learn what it takes to help others while being successful at it in the process.
    I watched one of your videos on all the forms needed to complete a transaction. I live in Texas and you stated that the forms are different. Do you mind emailing me the form that I will need. Thank you for your time!!! Have a blessed day!

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply July 23, 2014

      Hi Shevaughn,

      Thanks for reaching out to me on this issue. Congratulations for taking action to get educated to help others locally. The paperwork for purchasing mobile homes on private land VS. inside mobile home parks does differ from state to state. You mention getting access to the forms we use in TX. If you are talking about investing in mobile home inside parks then please see the link here about buying and selling in TX. https://www.mobilehomeinvesting.net/texas-mobile-home-ownership-transfer

      There is some useful info on this link however our personal contract, scripts, agreements, and trust paperwork are reserved for investor-members that also have access to the our training program teaching them how and where to use each form. I hope this makes sense and helps. If you are still confused don’t hesitate to reach out.

      Talk soon,

  • Sean

    Reply Reply September 22, 2014

    Keep it up John and Congrats to you!


    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply September 25, 2014

      Thanks Sean! It’s been a lot of hard work and dedication but it’s been worth every minute.

      Talk soon,

  • Jacq May

    Reply Reply October 28, 2014

    We live in Marble Falls TX area–we invest in mobile homes and love it!! only problem is finding a park where we could do more…no parks here that will let an investor in and areas with mobile homes allowed are hard to find an affordable home deal in–we do everyone we can find, but need to ramp up the business a bit. We went to a park in San Antonio–looked great, got busy with another project and by the time we got back there, a big company had taken over the buy and resell BIG TIME. My question is since you are in Austin, can you give us any leads on parks in area–from Waco South of San Antonio/Austin. We would like to find one good park to do several deals in. I really enjoy your blog and newsletter–you are so right about $$$ in mobiles! Thanks, Jacq

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply October 30, 2014

      Hi Jacq,

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I am happy to help where I can. One of the first things I ask from everyone I help with training is that they get a 30,000 foot view of the area and market. Knowing/working with local parks should not just be confined to one or two parks, but rather every park. I do know of multiple parks in the Killeen, Austin, Round rock, San Marcos, and SA areas that love to work with investors – they love working with anyone who pays lot rent. I found these parks online and by car. My advice is to start reaching out to all parks and introducing yourself and what it is you do to help them. From there you can find out if they have any empty lots, fsbos, move-in incentives, etc. You will likely find many parks that I don’t know of as well. I hope this helps and encourages you to become the go-to mobile home person in your specific parks and areas.

      Talk soon,

  • Marc Faulkner

    Reply Reply November 21, 2014

    I am interested in a home you have listed on your site here: http://www.sellfastbyowner.com/property/42-mobile-in-fam-park/

    I did not notice a way to contact the seller on the listing. I would like to know the year, make and box size please.

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply November 22, 2014

      Hi Marc,

      Thanks for commenting. I too do not see a contact number for this seller. I need to make sure sellers are adding all this info. I will reach out to them via email and once I get their phone number, make and size I’ll email you personally at your hotmail address.

      Talk soon,

  • Max

    Reply Reply February 28, 2015

    Cool site, thanks!

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply March 2, 2015

      Thanks for stopping by Max. If you have any specific investing questions don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

      Talk soon,

  • Sabina Totty

    Reply Reply May 30, 2015

    Hi John

    I have no idea how you got my name and email, but what a blessing that you did!!

    I have just retired, and am looking to do some real estate investing. Have spent a ton of money to learn from the “Gurus” and so far have just felt too uneasy to move forward.
    Your down to earth site and story are refreshing and reassuring. Thank you for sharing !

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply May 30, 2015

      Hi Sabina,

      Thank you for reaching out and saying hi. I am glad you are here as well. Over the years I too have been very fooled by fast talking gurus that it didn’t teach me anything and/or simply took my money. If you have any questions never hesitate to comment them below or email me directly. I’m always here to help whether you are a member of my training program or not. I’m glad to hear that your past experiences haven’t deterred you from the possibilities of helping others and making profit through real estate.

      Talk soon,

  • Dovie Cabral

    Reply Reply January 21, 2016

    Dear John
    I recently tryed selling my MH and today i found out my prospective buyer backed out. I need to sell it FAST and i dont know what to do. I live in Banning at Twin View Estates, a 55plus park. It is a nice mobile with many upgrades. I am asking 9000.00. I listed it on sellfastbyowner.com…..well i think i did but i dont see it anywhere on the site. Did i do something wrong? I really need your help FAST.
    Dovie Cabral…

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply January 22, 2016

      Hi Dovie,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I regret to hear that your buyer backed out from purchasing your home. This is common I am sad to say. I did locate your listing however there was no description listed so it has been removed from the system. If you wish to relist please add and make sure you have a detailed description describing your property, all repairs, and your contact information. Now that we got that out of the way let’s aim to help you get your property sold. A mentor a long time ago told me, “price cures most worries”. If you are having trouble selling your mobile home than the market is speaking and letting you know that it is a bit overpriced and that no one has the cash at this point to pay the price you are asking for your specific home. Keep in mind that tax time is coming up and if you are able to hold onto your home for a few months you will likely get it sold close to what you’re asking. If you lower the price and advertise the property as thoroughly as possible online, off-line small newspapers with yard signs around town, and even letting the park manager know the home is for sale this will be the best to let many people know about your home as possible. I hope this helps and points you in the right direction. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out anytime. Always here to help.

      Talk soon,

  • John

    Reply Reply February 5, 2016

    hi john this is actually pretty sick

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply February 7, 2016

      Hi John,

      Thank you so much for commenting. I’m so glad that you like this post. To this day it is great to have capital, however real happiness comes from being content with yourself (At least this is how I feel :). I like to never compare myself to other people, only past versions of myself. While you did not ask for any of these comments, I thank you for commenting as it is helped me brainstorm these thoughts above. Keep in touch and if you have any questions never hesitate to reach out anytime.

      Talk soon,

  • George Pool

    Reply Reply March 14, 2016


    I noticed in some of your on-line materials that you work with investors all over the USA with the exception of Washington D.C. and Hawaii. I assume this means you work with investors in California.

    We have done several MH deals in the past and some real estate investing and have now retired in California. We are wanting to return to MH investing but find many state loops including the need to have a dealer’s license and some kind of store front. The requirements for the dealer’s license are difficult as well.

    Are you working with investors in California and what do they do about this issue?

    George Pool

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply March 15, 2016

      Hi George,

      Thank you for commenting and reaching out with your great questions. The reason I mention Washington DC and Hawaii is due to the fact there are little to no mobile homes in these areas. While in Washington DC you are able to drive to nearby states, this is obviously much more difficult on the islands.

      You are correct that I have been fortunate to work with motivated and hard-working investors around the country. I am helping some folks in California and you are correct about the licensing requirements needed in your state. The folks I am helping either obtain their licenses or choose to invest for a short while prior to getting started on their licensing. With that said, obtaining your license is obviously a good idea and will only help you rub shoulders with other active investors in park owners around the state.

      While this answer is not lengthy I do hope it points you in the right direction and does make sense. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out anytime. Always here to help. Keep in touch.

      Talk soon,

  • Lily

    Reply Reply July 11, 2016

    Hi John! I was interested in mobile home investments and saw you’re a pro. I’d love to talk to you if you have any time. Yes my email is really mine too btw. Made it when I was young. 🙂 But let me know if we can chat? I live in Southern California so not sure if you’re familiar? Let me know.

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply July 13, 2016

      Hi Lily,

      Thank you so much for connecting and reaching out. I would absolutely be very happy to answer any questions and concerns that you have about mobile home investing in your area of Southern California. I am familiar with this area and would be happy to answer any specific questions that you have. Please email me directly at support@mobilehomeinvesting.net for fastest reply. Keep in touch.

      Talk soon,

  • Steve

    Reply Reply July 17, 2016

    Hi John,

    I came across your videos at REIclub.com and just finished watching “Investor Partnership Offer for Mobile Homes in Parks’ which I really enjoyed as far as it went. But in the opening you promised a look at paperwork and a seller call, but the video did not have those, perhaps it was flawed. How can I view the complete video?


    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply July 18, 2016

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you so much for commenting and reaching out about this issue. You are absolutely correct that these forms are no longer provided or given out with this video. The only mistake is that this video is older and has not been taken down as of yet. With that said the only forms I make available are to people I’m working with one on one. In addition to these forms there are tutorial videos showing you how, when, and why we fill out these forms and what they are used for. With all that said I apologize that these are not available for the general public any longer. Moving forward if you have any specific questions or concerns about these forms or agreements never hesitate to ask me anytime. With you are member of my training/mentoring or not I’m always here and happy to answer any questions for you, minus providing the paperwork of course. I hope this all helps and make sense. Keep in touch moving forward please.

      Talk soon,

  • Mike

    Reply Reply July 31, 2016

    Hey John, I was looking into attending a mobile home seminar and stumbled across yours. Is this something you’re still doing? I’ve looked all over the site but couldn’t find any links or info. Really interested if you’re able to steer me in the right direction. I’ve been in sfr’s for 15 years and recently purchased 2 distressed parks. Looking to learn…and buy a few more. Thanks, Mike

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply August 2, 2016

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Glad you found the site and stopped by. I’m not sure I understand your question fully. Yes, I am still working with folks around the country as we invest in mobile homes. Additionally, I am speaking every now and then at different events however I do not put on seminars on a regular basis. I do not feel there is much value in seminars as I would rather work with people on a day-to-day basis as we invest in mobile homes in real life and not in a seminar room. I hope this helps and make sense. Lastly, there are links on the site if you wish to move forward to learn more about possibly working together. If you ever have any follow-up questions or specific concerns never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best.

      Talk soon,


    Reply Reply November 5, 2016

    HI JOHN,

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply November 5, 2016

      Hi Reynette,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. When you call up traditional home inspectors ask if there is anyone available on the team that has experience with regards to manufactured homes. Having someone experienced with manufactured homes is better than nothing, however even a traditional home inspector will be able to thoroughly look through your mobile home and give you a very very very good understanding of what you are buying, current repairs needed, and potential problems down the road. I hope this helps and starts to point you in the right direction. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best.

      Talk soon,

  • Shannon Edwards

    Reply Reply June 4, 2017

    John, I am in a bit of a pickle and have been reading your answers to a bunch of questions. Good stuff!!!

    I was given a mobile home by my grandfather’s wife. The title shows an active lien on it, but it is paid off. I have the original ‘PAID’ contract along with an original ‘Power of Attorney’ notarized and signed by her. I have a buyer lined up and moving in this month, but I need to get the title in my name. I only have a faxed copy of the Title Lien Statement (person who faxed it to me cannot locate the original! .. UGH!). The court clerk will not accept a copy because they say they can only accept the original signed copy. Is there any way around this, or can I give them the signed Power of Attorney saying the title is to be transferred into her name? Or, is there a way to get in touch with the bank that released the lien?? The home is located on land owned by me in Kentucky. Thanks for any help!

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply June 9, 2017

      Hi Shannon,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Additionally, thank you very much for the kind words. I do hope that these other answers have been somewhat helpful to you as well thus far. With regards to your questions, please see my thoughts below in bold.

      I was given a mobile home by my grandfather’s wife. The title shows an active lien on it, but it is paid off. I have the original ‘PAID’ contract along with an original ‘Power of Attorney’ notarized and signed by her. I have a buyer lined up and moving in this month, but I need to get the title in my name. I only have a faxed copy of the Title Lien Statement (person who faxed it to me cannot locate the original! .. UGH!). Is there a spot on the title for the lien holder to sign off and “release” the lien by a signature? OR Can this previous lien holder create a new “release of lien” to have signed and notarized? The court clerk will not accept a copy because they say they can only accept the original signed copy. Understood. I assume that you have the original title. However if there is/was a lien on the mobile home you may not be physically holding the title. Is there any way around this, or can I give them the signed Power of Attorney saying the title is to be transferred into her name? If the title is signed by the seller, and you will be signing as the buyer, then the only real issue is getting the lien removed off of the title. For this reason the power of attorney will not help when talking to the local county clerk. Or, is there a way to get in touch with the bank that released the lien?? This would be the ideal way to move forward. With the power of attorney you could likely have a new release of lien sent over if possible. The home is located on land owned by me in Kentucky. Thanks for any help! Please keep me posted moving forward. Please let me know the answers to the questions above and I would be happy to continue helping you moving forward. You definitely will have to contact a few more people however there is definitely a way to move forward. Please keep me posted moving forward. As always, any additional questions or concerns you ever have never hesitate to reach out any time.

      Talk soon,

  • Daniel D Gonzalez

    Reply Reply September 4, 2017

    Hello John,

    Just discovered you as I recently purchased a used mobile home and was looking for advice videos pertaining to buyers rights.
    Your Videos are wonderful and packed with valuable information.

    I was wondering if you are able to offer any advice in what I should do?
    I found a mobile listing on Zillow. The price was very affordable but it was in another state. The pictures made it look very good for it’s age.
    I paid cash and even paid the park owners 1 years lot rent in advance before I saw it in person. Its’ a wreck, smells bad. I saw lots of condition problems that were not disclosed to me when I mentioned it,
    I asked about any issues and the agent basically said it has no major repair problems. I have not been given or signed a title yet ….Not sure what to do? and I want out of the deal and my money back.Am I stuck with it? When am I legally responsible for it?
    Any advice ?
    Kind Regards
    Daniel D Gonzalez

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply September 6, 2017

      Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. I very much regret to hear about the situation that you are in. It absolutely sounds like you are taken advantage of, and probably by more than one person. Additionally, I do not know many people that prepay one year of lot rent however I definitely understand that you would want all your money back and to get out of the deal. I would absolutely encourage you to reach out to a real estate attorney in your state and the state that the mobile home is located in. Explain the situation and how they would advise to proceed forward. It depends on what paperwork you have and anything else you may have in writing or messages back and forth between you and all parties involved. However depending on the amount you paid this money may be long gone and even if you get a judgment you would still have to try to collect from the seller. With all this said, I definitely wish you all the best of luck. Additionally, if you ever have any follow-up questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out any time. I’m certainly no real estate attorney however if I can provide any advice or help I will certainly try. All the best. Keep in touch.

      Talk soon,

  • Jeff

    Reply Reply September 18, 2017

    Hey John,

    Currently looking at a lot with a main single family residence which is 3 bedroom 2 bath and 3 mobile homes on sight. Price of $180k.

    All for investment – Home will rent for $800, and the 3 mobile homes would rent for $400, $450 and $625 per month.

    I’m fairly new to real estate investing, as I only have a few homes under portfolio, but I have almost zero knowledge of mobile homes.

    I’m used to homes appreciating, and I understand that mobile homes do not do that. Just from the 50,000 ft. view that I gave, this seems like a decent buy doesn’t it? Anything you can think of off hand that I’m not thinking of that might effect my thought process? Again, my knowledge of mobile homes and investing in them couldn’t fill a thimble.


    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply September 19, 2017

      Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Congratulations on the potential investment that you are considering. The property itself will certainly make 1% of the purchase price. That is definitely not bad at all.

      With regards to your question about depreciation. I’ve created a video in the past about whether or not mobile homes depreciate. The short answer is that you should not ever plan on selling the mobile homes to somebody that wants to pay cash for them. You will have much better time renting them out or selling them on payments and renting the land. I hope this all helps and makes a bit a sense. As always, if you ever have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out any time.

      Talk soon,

  • Jaden

    Reply Reply October 8, 2017

    im 16 yrs old, By the time I turn 19 1/2 i Should Have $70,000 Saved Up If I Invested All Of That Money Soley Into Mobile Homes Do You THink I Could make $130,000 My First Year?

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply October 11, 2017

      Hi Jaden,

      Thanks for reaching out and connecting. Thanks for following along. Right on about your young age! Additionally, that’s fantastic about the $70,000 around the time you are 19 or 20. With that said I hope it’s not from a potentially negative event that happened in the past. Either way glad to hear that you’re being smart enough and prudent enough to ask around to get opinions on what to do with the portion or majority of this capital. $70,000 is certainly not a little bit of money, however it can be spent extremely quickly when it comes to real estate. I would encourage you to look towards commercial real estate however use the does have its pitfalls with regards to lack of experience. The best piece of advice here I can give is to go into deals with local experts who put up just as much money or more money than you. Learn from everything they do and do not do. Make sure to be following people who you of vetted and are serious players and successful. As far as how to make $130,000 your very first year, there are number of ways to do this however I don’t believe I should tell you how to do it. In reality, this task can be quite difficult and in no way answered in a simple comment reply. However I do hope I have given you some things to think about moving forward. As always if you have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best.

      Talk soon,

  • michael

    Reply Reply October 29, 2017

    Great job on organizing your material and disseminating it in such a cohesive and clear cut manner. I started taking a real close look at your writings and video’s. Its very interesting to me as I spend much of my day cold calling and closing sales for my current employment which seems related , yet the prices on the east coastline of Southern Florida seem very high on MHVILLAGE.com from Sebastian down to Stuart compared to what your suggesting a rookie be spending and also what in general mobile homes are selling for . I am at a disadvantage in my geographic area?Are these prices very inflated whereas sellers will come down?

    • John Fedro

      Reply Reply October 31, 2017

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Additionally, thank you so much for your kind words. I do hope this website has been helpful to you in some way thus far. If you have any ideas for future videos or articles never hesitate to let me know any time. With regards to your location you are correct that you are not in the most advantageous area of the country. However there are absolutely a very high number of mobile homes and mobile home parks in and around your area. Additionally you are not as far south as Miami and you can go North, South, and a bit West from your current locations. Performing a quick search I found over 350 mobile home parks within a 50 mile radius of Fort Pierce. This is certainly a tremendous amount of mobile home communities. Even if we take away half for overpriced parks and senior parks we are still left with quite a good number of family communities. You can certainly build a good inventory of homes in only a small handful of communities. With that said the main thing of concern in your areas is that there are a number of cash buyers there are looking to purchase used mobile homes. This is not anything too negative, however it is worth mentioning because around the country there are not that many cash buyers when it comes to mobile homes in most areas. However in your area there are obviously more cash buyers than other areas of the country. This will mean that we lose a bit of our edge however it is always important to get a complete clear picture of your local market, make offers to everyone that fits our criteria, and move forward with the path of least resistance. I hope all these thoughts make sense and are not too confusing. As always, if you ever have any follow-up questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out any time. Always happy to help if I can. Keep in touch.

      Talk soon,

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